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My research is primarily driven by my interests and what I find engaging and enjoyable. This includes 2D/3D visual understanding, image/video generation and editing, computational art, and other related areas.

Having worked in various countries/regions, I have gained valuable insights into supervising students from different backgrounds. In particular, during my time in China, I have had the pleasure of helping my graduate students achieve remarkable results. Seven of them were awarded the National Scholarship for Graduate Students, a prestigious honor given to only one or two students per year from each grade level among a pool of over 200 applicants.

I believe in taking a personalized approach to mentoring, which involves providing one-on-one guidance to inexperienced students throughout the entire research process, from generating ideas to implementing them and refining their work. For more experienced students, I offer greater flexibility while ensuring they remain on the right track.

I also assist graduating students in securing internships, industry or faculty positions, and ensure that they have the necessary skills and expertise to succeed in their chosen field. Our research group has a relaxed and harmonious relationship between faculty and students, and we frequently organize extracurricular activities such as basketball games and other events. We are always open to welcoming like-minded students to join our group and contribute to our research.

SMU is ranked No. 87 in the overall CS discipline, particularly No. 17 in the field of Artificial Intelligence and No. 76 in Computer Vision worldwide, according to CSRankings.
We are constantly seeking self-motivated students who possess a robust background and a keen interest in graphics and vision to join our team.

Monthly stipend in addition to various fee waivers
  • for Singaporean students: $3500 – S$5000
  • for Singapore PR students: $3100 – S$4000
  • for foreign students: $2700 – S$3750

Main requirements:
  • Bachelor and/or Master degree
  • TOEFL or IELTS (waived if the instructional language for the previous degree is English)
  • GRE or GMAT (waived for SMU, NTU, NUS and SUTD graduates)
  • Resume
  • Academic transcripts
  • A personal statement
  • A research statement
  • Two referee reports

Financial Supports
The PhD programme provides full scholarships for all full-time PhD students on a competitive basis. Subject to satisfactory progress, a scholarship holder will receive waiver of application fees, registration fees and tuition fees in addition to a monthly living stipend. Students may also receive additional funding for conference travels and higher scholarship through research assistantship (RA), teaching assistantship (TA), or industry grants. Foreign students who choose to self-finance their studies can choose to pay tuition fees at a subsidized fee rate, but will need to work in Singapore based companies for three years after graduation.

In addition to SMU scholarships, candidates can also join the team via scholarships for the following programs

1. ACIS scholarship for Singaporeans or those studied in Singapore (S$4,550-S$5,800 monthly stipend)

2. SINGA scholarship for international students  (S$2,700-S$3,200 monthly stipend)

3. Vingroup scholarship for Vietnamese students

We are currently seeking visiting PhD students to join our team for several months, with a monthly stipend of approximately 2500 SGD.
Every year, we actively seek visiting PhD students or professors who are either CSC-funded or self-funded to join our team.
We are also seeking remote interns, and we are able to provide various forms of research supervision to support their work.
Please feel free to send an email to me with your CV and representative publications (if any) if you are interested in any of the above positions. Some info in Chinese can be found in here.